June 28, 2006

June 17, 2006

My Game is Fair Play

Football world cup fever is on the surge and so is the enthusiasm of the ubiquitous soccer cult. People all over the world are supporting their nations except for the people here in India, who like me have no other choice but to rejoice on the winning jubilation of other countries. People here are content dribbling the larger look alike of football with their mahindra jeeps as a gesture to symbolise their passion for this sport. Stores in Bangalore even managed to put up a gigantic football imported from Thailand for display. Yet again to show how much love, a population of billion can spare for a sport, wherein its hard to find a team of handfuls out of those who would qualify to play from their side in world cup.

The last time ever an Indian team was noticeable in the world cup league was in the year of 1950. Then too the team had to withdraw from the matches because FIFA did not allow the Indian footballers to play bare feet against the rules. Since then it seems that Indian team has boycotted playing under the auspices of FIFA in world cup for continuously 14 times. And only time has to tell , if ever our team returns on the ground of a world cup league match after qualifying from the asian sub-group team of 4 countries namely (INDIA, OMAN, JAPAN and SINGAPORE).

Indianfootball.com proudly hosts a page on India's qualification matches (tagged as 'India's passage to Germany' ) with these countries. To disprove off the miserable and pathetic show put up in the qualifying matches by the Indian team, the page mentions that :

>> India finished third in a though group, which was won by Asian gigants Japan.

Gigant Japan, sounds hilarious. A strength of hundred million is gigantic for a strength of billion. That definitely is not a fair play on part of the indianfootball.com. With each kick targeted on the goal post, my wish to see indian team doing the same on that field has only risen, and risen to a point where I cannot withstand seeing India not play in the next world cup. But the efforts in that directions are still fruitless as greatbong puts it here. So, all in all for India the game is a far cry and not a fair play for a longer time.

June 13, 2006


The King of Football- The legendary 'Black Pearl' in action. The background score is definitely not to be ignored.