March 23, 2007

When 'Titles' became the 'Post'

Although the list is not exhaustive, but this is all what I have attempting to convert into a meaningful post for quite some time now. But as evident the titles itself became the subject matter of this post. Can't help falling in to a pitfall ... :P

1.) Algorithm of Jokes.
2.) Business, e-Business, what next.?
3.) Good Night and Good Luck. ( This I know is plagiarisation..)
4.) The Pun is not intended.
5.) The inverse of Wachaowski bros. 'Matrix'.
6.) Around the world - 7 times in a second.
7.) A Goal is just a kick away.
8.) Index....I need the Index of life.
9.) Make meaning - Right a wrong.
10.) Broadcasting live from nowhere! :D
11.) New Word Salad ... Now fortified with euphemisms ;)
12.) The 64 thousand 256 $ question.
13.) Will Utopian world have stock markets?
14.) Omnipotent Dementia.
14.) My cellphone just smirked.
15.) God's Fantasies.
16.) Another Nickel in the Machine.
17.) Rejoicing the pink slip.
18.) When Murphy's law fail.
19.) Obviously it's not to be read.
20.) In Rome.......Fine you know what to do. ;)
21.) When 'Titles' became the 'Post'

Thankfully , at least the last one did actually materialized.. !!

March 13, 2007

Ab'z'olutely Random...!! (What do you think ? -->)

ACK : P-ink (pink is the short form of 'pick up link') from a forwarded post on my wing group.