January 30, 2006

Have a nonconformist day.

"If there is anything the nonconformist hates worse than a conformist, it's another nonconformist who doesn't conform to the prevailing standard of nonconformity."
- Bill Vaughan

January 28, 2006

Rang de Basanti

"I always believed there were two kinds of movies. The ones which met their end
happily and others which met their ends with a sad note. And
then I saw the third kind."

Yes for me it was an encounter with the third kind, for others it was 'Rang de Basanti' (RDB).

Last night was the eve of India's 57Th republic day and last night RDB became an instant classic for me. But I think that happens with every other 'all-in-all' average movie I watch on big screen, except that not all of them leave me with a hard pressed hangover to write about them. That this time I didn't need a hangover to pen down on it, is a good enough reason in support of my claim. I would agree for my predilection for the patriotic movies which makes me biased, but then I am still calculating if I can call RDB a full fledged patriotic movie anywhere near to the likes of 'Tiranga' , 'Sarfarosh' and others.

So I quote what Youth Curry aptly decribed this flick in one line as :
If Dil Chahta Hai redefined 'youth' films, Rang de Basanti takes the theme to the next level. Much has already been said in detail in this blog with a beautiful insight to this new turn of bollywood, as it marks the oncoming of a completely new face of Indian mainstream cinema.

People might and I know will argue that this is yet another run-of-the-mill patriotic flick, in the league of Yuva, Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi and Swades, and does not call for such an attention. But then that's a completely subjective opinion, and I rest my case on it. Besides, I don't like to compare bollywood movies, because there is something so strongly and centrally common amongst them, that it takes away their right to be compared at all. I am talking about the 'Bollywood Stamp' which I think snaps away as its cost, the possibility of these movies being impeccable in any manner. I don't have any personal scores against that stamp, its just out of what I have observed while growing up watching the records of idiocy being broken, with each new release out of the factory named 'bollywood'.

Exception however is a one word oxymoron, that takes its toll on its own definition by making its appearance everywhere, and delivers its responsiblities in the form of the movies of the sort Rang de Basanti. RDB was in fact more than a content meal for my starving appetite for the patriotic movies which otherwise for the past 10-15 years was being fed insipidly with the likes of 'Tiranga', 'Krantiveer' etc etc.

RDB has in my view spurred a whole new class of movies, which aim to pass on a message that is obvious to our open eyes yet too obscured when looked from within. Am not purporting RDB as the founder of such message movies, but certainly it can be without a glitch looked upon as the role model for our future movies, which our country needs at this hour. And the end would not be apporopriate without these lines I loved to borrow from one of the song's of the movie flavoured with AR Rehman's music.


January 24, 2006

Of Passion,Obsession & Obligation

It was during my spare office time which as a matter of coincidence can be aliased as my office hours, that I thought of putting those free flowing hours to use, and at least give a name to those passing moments to which I might look back at some point in time and be happy about them thinking that - not all of it was waste !

Certainly a much needed passion that was missing, kept building itself insidiously all the time while I read others' blog, which were amusing, conptemplative and exemplary, and finally pushed me into the world of blogging, acting as the primary force . And most of the time after that kickoff , I managed to write, I managed to steal thoughts, words and ideas, from any and all sources I could possibly devour. Having passion for something is I guess the most healthiest way to reach successfully towards that objective and in my case it has proved its worth.

But we all know how easily can one's passion take a grandeur transformation and turn into an obsession. And then it can become one of the most unhealthy preoccupations that can be attributed for an objective thereby making it completely obsolete. Obsession can be killing, and it is one's most fearful enemy which appears disguised in the form of a most solemnest friend called passion. Thankfully, I am still far off from letting that happen to me. Though occasionally I do feel that painless guilt of not being a regular, when it comes to my postings, but then it reminds me of never being a regular all my life on any subject. What a consolation, huh !!

And so it comes next in the order after Passion and Obsession - Obligation, yes that's what takes the place in the end. Looks odd ? Indeed its odd, in a narrower sense though, because its passion and obsession which seem to be pertinent here. But in a bigger picture that's what comes off - a disgusted feeling of obligation, a sense of liability. And I have already got a venal touch of it, which at times resists me from taking the pain of writing, arguing on its demanding and consuming nature. It overshadows the element of passion and obsession, and mirrors them not as the motives but rather as inhibitors. If I would cast obsession as a monster then Obligation is no less than a devil in itself.
( Frankly speaking I don't know which of the two - a monster or a devil - is above the other one in heirarchy, but personally I think its the devil ;) )

Unlike those who write in a streaming, impromptu fashion and yet sustain to deliver an interesting composition every time, it takes a helluva time for me to even write a single paragraph which can tie down someone to read it completely. It takes some tens(definitely not hundreds) of revision, proof readings, corrections and a little bit of censorship, as and when required, before I finally let anything go on the net. None of my lines are ever written on their first attempt, they are bound to revisit me for that finishing touch which usually makes the whole exercise tiresome and at times obligatory.

I think I need to give a try on writing at least one blog without doing the quality assurance check and which is completely devoid of any passion, obsession or obligation and then measure its worthiness on the account of, it being read by others let alone getting any appreciation. However, I am pretty much sure that even if I do write anything of that sort, I would dare not publish it.

January 21, 2006

The Plenary

AICC is holding its three day long national level plenary in Hyderabad this year and guess what the whole city has been occupied literally by the AICC delegates numbering to almost 15000.
With not a single hotel(all stars), guest house or even the university hostel left with a vacancy, congress is proving its political hold, and the incumbency just trying to make its part more blatant, has left no stone unturned to do its own bit.

The roads have been widened, with proper street lights, shining dividers, and an exorbitant use of traffic police force, the state government has done all the possible pomp and show it could manage out of the public funds. Good for us anyhow , the roads are here to stay atleast !!

My previous assumptions were slammed when it finally became conspicuous that all this was being done, not out of government's philanthropic efforts to rejuvenate the whole city, but rather with an intention of prepossessing itself in front of all those big shots of congress party, who would be gracing the city with their benign presence.

But seriously the whole issue is that why does a government need such a reason, which going by public opinion is not even a reason in the first place, to initiate the whole process of refurbishment and developement. For that matter in fact even in most of the parts of the country one can expect to get the roads reconditioned only if one of the ministers has to pass through it or they can expect a seamless electricity supply if the ministers are holding a session in their city for one or more days.

Most of the developmental activities at the municipal level in India need such a polictical incentive to begin. And once started, these so called developmental activities like a cindrella run end up tamely, without the general public even getting the benefit of it due to them. Citizens are no more a reason for the development and definitely not a cause for it. A normal person would never stand up, protesting or rebelling on the pretext of under developed localities in the city, unhygenic open air garbage dumps or whatever, and so in a way it's good that these activities are taken up and executed for reasons such as these political sessions.

Definitely it leaves a commendable legacy for the beaurocracy to have changed the whole map of the city in a short duration, but it did cause a hell lot of trouble to each and everyone of us, who were there to witness and pay the price of this development. People had their houses bulldozed, on the sides of road, without a prior notice for the expansion of the road, the traffic became so clumsy and jam packed, leading to wastage of both time and fuel, because there were no alternatives routes provided or I should say left to move on. The over enthusiastic spree of development made it all the more difficult even for the normal proceedings. The point is that it could have been done in a more planned and phased manner, rather in such a haste and eagerness.

But then that'is the quitessential of how it all goes in here , in our country called India where still most of the well built, far-sighted, and the most useful of the infrastructure continues to be from the pre-independence era. Nothing's better and fitting to end with this quote -

Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to
teenage boys.

January 18, 2006


Not something recent, still this Honda Accord COG Commercial is worth seeing.
The height of precision and harmony, cause and effect explained much better than done in 'Matrix' , impossibility set off by two letters - Its a pinnacle of perfection. !! You just can't afford to blink while watching it.
Check it out here.

More details about this ad here.

January 16, 2006

For some, Luck is also, a form of Art !

Sadly though, not for me. Not because am not an artist , not because my ancestry is completely devoid of any kind of appreciation for art and obviously not because I am technically an engineer , but because am confused. Am confused between the two schools of thought , rather two completely contrasting philosophies if I may call them so. One which says , Luck is what comes along with you i.e. its destiny which rules your life - in short - Everything in life is luck.
And the second which says that, one can make his or her own destiny through sheer hard work. Luck , fortune , destiny , fate are all coward's recourse and the only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work.

Thus , it boils down essentially to a battle of argument between 'hard work' and 'luck', on - what supersedes what. And I have grown up swinging like a pendulum between these two definitions , a second here and a second there. Am confused because I have seen both of these theories in action , in equal proportions , in lives of others and my own , in a mutually exclusive sense with one trying to prove its own self and disprove the other. This is so baffling, so perplexing and so contentious. And every time you fail , both of these philosophies/theories whatever you want to call them , seem to be so meaningless , so superficial and of cosmetic significance that one just feels like giving up any residual faith in either of the two.

I am not advocating either of these two philosophies , because I am in between both of them, trying to figure out what works when ? Which of the two should be relied upon when setting out on a new endeavour ?Its not a million or a billion dollar question, instead a secret which only few know, those few who are the successful, invincible, complete and consistent conscientious achievers , just because they know when to rely on what.They know exactly and correctly , when the the name of the game is 'luck' and when 'hard work' - and that's the key !!

Though in our usual day to day lives, we tend to attribute luck as an excuse for our failures and hard work for our achievements, to eschew our confrontation with the other side which we ignore out of our propensity , I think we need to recognize a more integrated approach towards such conclusions. Like Thomas Jefferson reconciled quite concisely in this quote of his - " I'm a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it."

I dont think the question here is of believing or not believing in luck or hard work, because most of us anyhow do believe in both of them , but rather of how can these two things- one so tangible and physical in nature, while the other coming straight out from a metaphysical world , can be harmonized together and expected to work. Unfortunately , even I don't have a very sound or convincing answer to this.

Here's a future link to what might be a probable and fair explanation of the word 'luck' , based on some of my untenable hypothesis , which I hope to conceptualize some fine day. Till then keep clicking !! :D

Quotable quote

Read this quote today , and nothing can be a better explanation of what's going on in this IT/software industry.

"Programming today is a race between software engineers
striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs,
and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots.
So far, the Universe is winning."
- Rich Cook

Though I might have some issues with the conclusion about who's winning , but nevertheless on whole its definitely a quotable quote.

January 12, 2006


The small screen show biz of India has grown up, it has grown up beyond its own age and has outmatched the levels of maturity of an average adult.It all began with so far as I can recall back from serials of like 'Junoon' . Broadcasted on all but one weekday, it gave the indian audience an intial taste of the so called 'soaps' of the future. Other productions jumped in looking for their market share in the potential profits still obscured at that time.

That gave birth to the beta versions of the 'soaps' in the form of 'Shanti' and 'Swabhimaan' , the two eternal soaps, which would not have ended had the directors themselves not got bored of directing the same faces continously for more than half the decade. These two serials were in many ways quite significant for taking Indian small screen to this new height of insensibility at which we see it today.

For first they prepared the whole cult of 'soap' lovers , trained the audience to bear the pain of watching same faces , same time , same channel everyday , forced them to loose their common sense to question the irrationalities and inchoherencies which they would encounter frequently while watching such kinds of 'soaps' and above all they proved their worth by generating easy money thereby luring those high flying vultures of big screen to come down and eat their share of flesh. Thus came the run-of-the-mill - The 'K' series and alongwith came the downfall of the already unstable and poorly handled small screen.

Contrary to most of the coveted and fascinated lovers of these soap operas , I dont find a single reason to watch them, except for the inevtability of catching a glimpse of them, while scanning the whole series of hopeless channels which my cable operator provides, in exchange of 250 bucks a month. Unknown said "The human race is faced with a cruel choice: work or daytime television." and I have the whole deluge of reasons which make these serials worthy of being despised to an extent of getting tagged as a 'cruel choice'.

Starting with the most strong and most precise way to qualify these 'K' serials - 'Social Poisons'. Yes that's what they are, and I dont need to justify it at all. For those who are on my side, need not be explained, and those who aren't , cannot be explained. These seemingly entertaining and harmless programmes, full of emotional drama, have one purpose for all - to sell crap !! Their storylines revolve incessantly around some fixed issues such as extra marital affairs, illicit children, perpetual business rivalries, family imbroglios, and the most central to all of them - love triangles, quadrangles and if the writers were a little bit more keen towards mathematics , wouldn't have minded introducing even a fifth angle to prove their mettle.

Another important feature of these stories is their inertia. In absence of any external incentives to change, the stories tend to simply ignore the aspect of time. Saurabh told me once that he and gupta could manage to consolidate the in between happenings of these serials when they went home during mid breaks and saw the serial after a break of almost 2-3 months. That proves it.

Today we have the whole bloodline of such 'soaps' originating from this 'K' series . I wont oblige those by referencing there names here, but the fact that people have become so addicted to these poisons in various packings that they tend to overlook their ill effects , is a food for thought for everyone. There are still others trying to get some space in the claustrophobic environment among 'K's, who aim to cash on the already perturbed and delusioned minds of these 'soap' watchers by providing relaxed,humourous, and a healthy time pass. The likes of - The Great Indian Laughter Challenge and Comedy Show , KBC, Supersale , Sarabhai vs Sarabhai ( nd others) belong to this new league.

I cannot but resent these soaps and pity those who religiously follow and make them a point of discussion in their usual gossips. I sympathize with those who still havent realized that these serials are playing with their emotions and even charging them for that. I feel for those who have already been addicted to it, and find no recourse in form of a rehabilitation center to get rid of that addiction. But I am happy that I am not alone in this war, there are others, and still many others .

And I am happy also because "I don't mind what language an opera is sung in so long as it is a language I don't understand."

January 9, 2006


From the show on channel V , where in the host by the name Lola Kutti asked, to seemingly educated peoples, some basic fundamental questions on general knowledge picked up from various subjects of school level physics, geography, general sciences etc, and the answers to which were quite intriguing and defintely not even close to being correct . As some of these I quote below:-
Its a series of questions and their corresponding replies given by different people.

Q: What is an orbit?
1st A: Well... ummm...orbit you see is actually a place where all the generations of planets are kept in ascending order.

My my , how can anyone make up such a hilarious yet technically ingrained reply , that too impromptu !!!

2nd A: Yes, orbit is the .......... I mean its like.......aaaa.....you know what I mean !!

Indeed we already know.....After the reply the guy was so relaxed as if he just saved the whole planet by telling where to get the answer from .

3rd A: Orbit is.... I guess it belong to the species of rabbits , maybe the kingdom ....am I right ??

Seemed that this guy was too overwhelmed with his biology classes .

Another question.

Q: What is the Newton's First Law?
1st A: Huh , Law .... I am into engineering , besides I hate lawyers !!

Will someone go and tell him , he deserved to study neither law nor engineering.

2nd A: Newton's ....but I read somewhere it was Ambedkar who made all those laws.

With such a reply I just can't afford to doubt that people in India dont read newspapers and magazines.

3rd A: Pat came this reply : F = ma

Overconfidence is not a good thing !!! Incomplete knowledge leads you no where.

Yet another question:

Q: What is the full form of UNO?
1st A: I dont know !!

This guy loved rhyming things.

2nd A: United Nations......'O' is basically silent !!!

True to some point, it doesn't give a feel of an Organization anymore.

3rd A: UNidentified Objects , I even saw a program on it on Discovery channel !!

Yes my friend even I saw it, with the only difference that it was UFO and not UNO.

This last question was the most entertaining one.

Q: Who invented Telephone?
1stA: Was it BSNL or VSNL.

Sorry, in India we dont invent , and govt undertakings, they havent even heard the world 'Invention'.

2nd A: Nooo...telephone was discovered.

God, atleast there is someone who can discern the meaning of two words - invent and discover - and argue their usage.

3rd A: Mr. Tele Phone. ( with an expression of wonder !!)

=)) ....

January 8, 2006

I AM ...

Took this quiz sometime back !! get urself quizzed here
An Idealist. Idealism centers around the belief that we are moving towards something greater. An odd mix of evolutionist and spiritualist, you see the divine within ourselves, waiting to emerge over time. Many religious traditions express how the divine spirit lost its identity, thus creating our world of turmoil, but in time it will find itself and all things will again become one.







Cultural Creative










January 7, 2006


Wish , I could do that to 'CAT'- the one we all know !! :(

CAT'05 was catastrophic for many of those who eyed it with reverence, those who deserved it in the first place and those who cared for nothing else, but it. But as luck will have it, they were not made for it, at least this year. Doesn't matter coz it was them who laid the path for the exuberant victories of the rest.
Neways, wishing those who made through it, and those who will in all the coming years.

peace ..

January 6, 2006


Came across this unusual site during my usual stint on the net , while trying to catch up with new things. It's a website which provides the audible versions of various articles picked up from magazines, newpapers, novels and what not , beautifully categorised into various genres and presented in the downloadable formats.And its banner goes as follows :

Listening saves. Money.
For just a handful of change a day, Audible can help
you stop reading and start learning.
My goodness !! Just read that again, I mean what has come of this age, we now even get advertisements about such hairbrained schemes and services which can help us stop reading !! Has technology overwhelmed us so much that even before one would have thought about using it to help people start reading , we are designing ever new ways not even to preclude but to completely go against such good uses. If that wasn't much, the audible version of the site promotions has a sweet and charming female android voice requesting its visitors to stay tuned for the next of their series which is - "Learn to Stop Breathing!!".

The shift of print media on the net was the first blow to those who believed in book learning and considered that there's nothing better than holding what you are reading in your own hands . The idea though untenable was to signify the positive effects of direct proximity to the matter being read in hand, plausibly making it more easier to understand and conjoin the two ends i.e. the reader and the content in an uncanny manner.

And even before most of us would have come to this realize the loss of renouncing the task of direct physical reading , came the second blow in the form of this site , which forgoes even the task of reading and makes it more than comfortable for anyone to just sit around or continue whatever they prefer more than reading and hear the whole novel, the whole magazine or the whole newspaper as a background incantation. But where are we actually being led by all this : Children will as with any other cause be affected in a bigger sense, they will give up more tiring and relatively painful task of reading with a book in hand, more casual readers will find an easy way out to increase their book counts without actually having understood what the hell was the book about, and the number of avid bookworms will start plunging in a straight line graph.

I am not trying to criticize the way ppl have started using technology to generate easy revenues, its good in fact and I would have done the same , rather am wary about the growing propensity of ours to see a digital solution to all of our problems. We have reached a stage of human development where technology potentially seems to have answers to all our problems, but what we yet need to learn is how to distinguish between problems which can with precise assurance be solved using available technologies. And obvisouly not all of them can be..

Not an epoch,we just need to wait in time for that day to fall when the conversations will include statements of the form : 'Hey have you heard the second part in the series of H2G2'

so long !...

January 5, 2006


"Everything happens for our own good" ,goes a very popular adage, gives relief from the life's dissappointments , encourages to maintain a belief in life's process and obviously a very good excuse when things aren't just going on the right path.
Quite conspicous from this start , that for me things have been a bit rough lately , which calls for a bit of contemplation on this popular saying. There are two facets to this adage : one that the inevitable happenings and event of our life can be broadly classified as either good or bad and second that these events are preceded and succeded by other inevitables of their like.

Now this classification of good or bad is in most cases based on the result of the events or happenings. We tend to qualitatively and quantitatively judge everything based on the outcomes. Something is good if it results in or leads to something other that is good, and vice-versa, which in my opinion is not the correct way to judge things , because results of a particular event are not necessarily the product of that specific event , rather a complete holistic outcome of innumerable other events. Its like a very fine and delicate blend of all the events combined, which finally leads upto that final outcome and which we generally tend to associate only with the most pertinent causes. Its not about what actually led to what, its about what ALL resulted in what.

The importance of what preceedes and succeedes an event in the light of the results is definitely not to be overlooked. The immediate consequences may not be the ones we are looking for or in the form we expect them to be. A propensity to look beyond the horizon is needed , which brings in the significance of the succeeding events. Preceeding events as I already defended are the necessary ingredients which contribute in the final coming of the results.

Coming back to the interpretation of "everything happens for our own good" , I find a bit of implicit contradiction in it. If at all everything happens for good, why is it then, that not everyone is happy and content with whatever is happening in their lives. Or is it the case that the word 'good' essentially represents something more deep and subtle which we in our normal understandings , tend to keep ourselves away from , intentionally or non-intentionally.

But seriously all analysis apart, how wonderful and beautiful it would be if all things happened really for our own good only !! can't help it to be like that though -:(

so long .......

A cynical take-off

As promised , I scratched this one off from my msn spaces profile. Luckily managed to break into it and found this orphaned post lying there helpless, waiting for a new home .... so brought it here and now it has wat it wanted ... patience pays !!! isn't it ;)
The title of this post comes from the one I gave to this poem in its first place ..here it goes -

i thought i should write ,
to throw some lite,
on my life's delight,
and express my thoughts
all clear and bright..!!!
but this is all i could indite
in this starting flight..:()

January 4, 2006


I dont know why but people tend to take any new activity started by others during the first few weeks of a new year as the resolutions taken by them. To clear off that, I would like to declare this as not a part of any of my new year resolutions, because I escaped taking one this time. Actually am still procrastinating with the ones of last year's .
Starting a blog is no more than a child's play these days, advertised as the 3 step process , its becoming more of a time killing endeavour for anyone. I wish that they make the whole process more cumbersome and uneasy to prevent people like me who dont even remember how many times they have repeated those 3 steps and consumed those prospective blog names which would have been otherwise well used if not there were ppl like us.
I guess I havn't left any of the available free blog services where I have not created my profile, (be it msn spaces , yahoo 360 , rediffblogs or those which I dont even remember right now) wrote an enthusiastic first blog like this one, and then abandoned it only to be savaged by its own past and forgotten like never to be remembered.
But I believe this ones going to go along with me, and there are reasons for this belief.
For first, during the last 4-5 months, I have found myself feeling a definite passion for the blogs, which certainly was missing during my previous encounters with them. I have read more diverse blogs ,rather than being confined to those of my friend's, and understood their effects on their readers, their power to stimulate thoughts , their holistic nature and above all I have realized that writing one is not as demanding as it seemed to me at the first instance.
I have also pulled in the fact that its one of the easiest and fun filled process to actualize the delusions of personal fancy.

Even though I know there are no readers of this blog as of now, because no one knows abt it except for me , still will keep this one short and avoid overdoing it , so as to keep the craving for coming back to it again alive.

Will try to scratch off my posts on those lost, unhatched and abandoned blogs in case I remember their passwords and bring them here for some fresh air.