May 8, 2008

I've moved

OK, this should in most likely case be the last post on my blogspot account. I have shifted to my own domain where I will continue to blog with the same name.

You can follow me here.

April 29, 2008


OK the migration did not work out as I expected it to. Even after paying for the hosting space, the service I got was terrible. The phone helplines were supposedly meant to be musicDJ with IVR and cPanel was pathetically slow. Online Help always showed as unavailable and after almost 10 conversations the problem was not resolved. And the most ironical part - the name of the service provider was, claiming to be available 24x7 service providers. I think they had a different definition of what 24x7 means. They almost tested my patience by repeatedly responding with useless information about how to solve the problem. I gave up after two days and asked for the closure of account and refund for the payment made. Haven't still received the money back in my CC a/c. Will wait till this gets sorted out and then go for another hosting service. Till then this is the refuge for the blog.

March 18, 2008

From Taking Pride to Being Paranoid

From '10 Things I Hate About You'

You can be underwhelmed , you can be overwhelmed , but can you only be whelmed - ?
I think you can - In Europe.

The movie got me in to some serious trouble yesterday and I recalled this conversation from the flick. Not to mention - This was not a copyrighted version and was lying on my corporate machine (I in turn copied it from somewhere on the LAN). I did took pride in having it on my machine but all that was washed off by the formal warning.

Anyways , I've removed all copyright content now and anything now which remains is all licensed, openSource, GNU and FreeWare stuff.

January 23, 2008

65 Posts, last published on Aug 23, 2007

Surprisingly enough I noticed the date only after I took up my lazy step to write after such a long time. So it's been exactly 5 months. Not a day less or more. Too perfect to be a coincidence.

Anyways complaining about not being able to extract out time or having a writer's block is what I wouldn't resort to this time. No point in actually cribbing about even. What's the big deal after all :P.

And the traffic ? I care.

However a lot has indeed changed since then. I have started to get a feel of the micro-blogging business (not that am regular even there..). I have also started to devour and look into the social-networking/social-media buzz more closely because of the innumerable links and resources I receive daily, thanks to both twitter and RSS feeds and of course their authors.

I have started to think more seriously about the SOA revolution and where does it lead to in the future from the point of view of business application software. It still remains to see whether it's a buzz, hype or a bubble.

And finally , after more than 3 yrs I moved a step higher in my organization hierarchy after the much awaited roll out of promotion cycles. That happened although a month back. Still to realize that nothing much has actually changed because of it.

With no resolution or promises of being regular i'd rather let it be like this with sprinkles of updates as and when they accrue to a size worth posting here. It's true that taking first step is half the job done, only that in my case I believe it's definitely more than half ( maybe full :D).