April 29, 2008


OK the migration did not work out as I expected it to. Even after paying for the hosting space, the service I got was terrible. The phone helplines were supposedly meant to be musicDJ with IVR and cPanel was pathetically slow. Online Help always showed as unavailable and after almost 10 conversations the problem was not resolved. And the most ironical part - the name of the service provider was 247-host.com, claiming to be available 24x7 service providers. I think they had a different definition of what 24x7 means. They almost tested my patience by repeatedly responding with useless information about how to solve the problem. I gave up after two days and asked for the closure of account and refund for the payment made. Haven't still received the money back in my CC a/c. Will wait till this gets sorted out and then go for another hosting service. Till then this is the refuge for the blog.