July 3, 2006

(Brazil & Superman) Returns....

They are in to the hearts of billion around the world. They both are the supernatural heroes in the mind of people - one in reality and one in fantasy.They both have the formidable capability to twist 'n' twirl, and jump to reach their 'goal' in time. But, despite this parallelism, the return of these two, last weekend, had sent contrasting vibes flowing across the population of the planet - that of joy and of rue. One returned back to its homeland, with moist eyes, the other to the Daily Planet office, with yesteryear memories. Superman returned with a much awaited applause and Brazil with a much awaited defeat following the 12 successive wins in world cup finals after the last FIFA world cup.

To the dismay of half the world and my exultation( coz i ranked France no. 1 in a sweepstake), Brazil gave up on the 'effeminate' French team, fighting tooth and nail, to preserve its dignity and defending championship, only to return home empty handed this time. Like the inevitable rise and fall of a civilization, Brazil had to descend some time from the apex they've occupied for a period now, and is simply following a natural path of observing the rules set in nature - that which rises, has to fall. I am not asserting this loss against France as the pre-cursor to the downfall of sambian supremacy, but only that it may just be the right omen for the Brazil to analyse that indeed its for real.

Superman on the other hand did return with a grace, and charm,maintaining its valor and bridging those 28 years of hangover it spelled way back in 1978 with the release of original Superman. Brandon Routh dressed in simple skin tight attire, as was 28 years back, and with a drooping serpentine mane on the forehead, was stunning and equally enchanting for the adults who liked him in the first place, as he actualised on silver screen, the punch line of Adidas that indeed - 'Impossible is Nothing'. Far from the reality in the fantasy world, this invincible legend has not lost to its adversaries such as Spiderman, Batman, Neo, or even our local Indianized superhero Krissh, because the rules of nature I guess don't apply to the fancy land.

Two legends, two stories, and two different returns. Lets hope this world cup has more of this sort in store for us as the hollywood I am sure would have.


CP said...

A very nice and well written post dude. But I must say the way italy played yesterday, it seems this time they are going to take the world cup home.Hell with your french team.


PS: Its fun to be in italy during worldcup. Amazing experience. These people are crazy!!

Shishir said...

Am glad!, and indeed Italy played very well, except for the fact you dont realize that if not for those 2 last minutes goals, Germany would have crushed them in the penalties, and enjoyed the pizza party which I hope you must be enjoying there rite now.[;)]

Anonymous said...

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