October 12, 2006

ready for a beating....anyone??

The last post will continue in the next post ;)......Procrastination redefined...:P. OK it's just that I don't feel like writing, I feel like avenging someone for something...and that someone can be anyone...;). This is perhaps due in the wake of incidents such as these :

The 9/11 being repeated in not it's whole entirety but on a much lesser scale only goes to show that Osama has now his competitors within the US. He's offloaded of the burdens of downsizing the high skyscraper in the states. Pun intended -Of Course !!, and I wholeheartedly extend my condolences for those who died in this mishap. Longing to see this world as a safe place to live in...

The more bolder and more armed media of India, capsizes the Orkut community - I hate India. Now can someone explain if it's not paranoia but something else that makes our media in general to run amok and be instigated by a handful members of a community of eternal Indian haters i.e. Pakistanis - Ggod, bless them, their country and our media.

And the Star-struck pune-ites were no less fanatic in chasing Angelina Jolie's all-black tinted glass Innova, than poor farmers of drought-struck areas chasing relief helicopters for food packets. The result : a chaser getting knocked down by the cab containing jolie-pitt, the couple being pulled in a for a case in court and new channels coudn't have asked for more. But who's to be blamed really? The so called 'roads' of pune, the driver of the cab, the chaser or more interestingly jolie herself. And what does this showcase : desperateness, indecency, frustration, or simply our innate instinct of getting wild.?
Can't help feeling for those two poor souls... :(

as always praying .............\_/

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deba said...

interesting post...i can't believe i missed the whole branjelina incident....