February 16, 2006

AdSense or Nonsense

Make Money - Use Google's Adsense.

No am not advertising AdSense here, in fact that would be the last thing on earth, I would do on my blog - i.e. to have google's AdSense overrun the chastity of my blog page and make it unclean.I don't completely understand if it even makes sense to have one's blog littered of ads patched on it by google's adsense, when the sole purpose of a blog is to provide a personal web space to its owner.

The idea doesn't makes sense, even when looked in parallel to the television industry which sucks huge amount of money for those split second ads becoz in contrast to the ads on television which are more or less controlled by demand and supply economics, the information on net is free, liberal and blatant, not governed by any force, or law, or act.

And that's because Internet evolved in a very different way when compared to other forms of media meant for information exchange as in print, television or radio where commercialization plays an important role. Internet was born free, and intended to remain free for ever.

AdSense is the google's most(or perhaps the only) powerful revenue generating club, only because of the monopolistic control of google over the search market and aristocratic hold on the information we can access. Google.cn is the perfect example of how political sycophancy has played role in restricting access to information to the people at large.

How many of us (not me atleast) notice what those blue colored text ads, on the sidelines of almost every site say. Not even one I guess. It's on the contrary a rather irritating concept in my opinion, which digresses someone trying to locate on an already cluttered webpage, that one piece of information which is being sought. I seriously cannot digest the idea of why would anyone click on those ads, when one can easily search for the same thing on google itself.

Why would anyone reading a Valentine e-card in India be interested in knowing who are the whole-sale suppliers of red roses in US. Or for that matter if I am buying a bluetooth on ebay, does that mean am interested in getting my tooth scaled. No. Similarly, if am already downloading a mp3 song from a site, I dont care what all other sources are there for it. The purpose is defeated in my sense.

Okay I understand that these are just few of the contextual cross connections and redundancy aspects which AdSense owing to the lack of any Artificial Intelligence algorithm, overlooks. But even then somehow I personally feel that advertisement of something on net degrades its image, makes it look cheap and worthy of being despised.Maybe am prejudiced after persistently being slammed by those beleaguering ads on net, which serve no purpose at all except to piss you off.

The 'known' needs no popularity, 'unknown' does, but there's nothing which can be classified as unknown on net. Its all open, nothing is obscured on net and especially if anything is worth being popular then there's no way it can be stopped from being one- courtesy those chain mails, [fwds] and instant messages which will incessantly pass on the very link unless you click on it. You dont need to look at the sun to know if its shining, isn't it !

I guess I have digressed more than I intended. The bull's eye was the concept of floating ads on one's blog. In so far as I can see, it doesn't lead to any increased income as AdSense promises in the first place, coz unless you are a popular and professional blogger there's hardly any traffic hitting your blog site so as to thicken you wallet, except for few shillings you might earn hither and tither. For second, In my opinion blogs are definitely the wrong place to show ads on, rather a blog should be kept untouched and sacrosanct, devoid of any irrelevant stuff (including links and banners) which are not an iconic reflection of ones ideas, thoughts & style. And for last but not the least - a blog is not a surrogate market to sell or showcase something which you yourself don't own.

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