February 6, 2006

The temperature outside is 29°C.

To my utter delight CM today pushed me, asking for my next concoction of words, but being kept so busy by the organization I work for, it was next to impossible for me to steal sometime off and write for any and all who love to savour those concoctions.

So, I decided to extend my already lengthened office hours to publish the next in the sequence. But not much has happened lately, about which I can write or even pluck the title, concept or the hint from. But lets c -
  • My GMAT was at last, after a month of suspicion over its validity, was officially annulled in absence of providing valid identity proofs.
  • Oracle IDC finally managed to have a TGIS party ( mind it , its not TGIF - Fridays are not the same here !! ), though organized quite well, it ended up with loads of controversies related to the entrance at the venue and an embroilment between the employee club and employees at large over regulations of the event.
  • No new movie seemed prospective enough , to over wash RDBs lingering sense of enjoyment, so I kept myself away from the multiplexe(s).
    (Yes the desperate, chaotic and maniac population of hyd has finally been presented with another Shangri-la - The PVR Cinemas - which recently opened up its partially completed manifold entertainment offshoot in here.)
  • The roads are still shining even after the plenary and have maintained their integrity and solidarity with no sign of puddles or holes, while the lane dividers have gradually lost their glitter after having undergone their first million tires sustenance test.
  • The book 'Fountainhead' which I am trying to read for so long, has shown no sign of getting completed in near future. I am on page 477 right now, I believe.

  • India lost yet again to Pak in todays ODI - courtesy Duckworth-Lewis.
  • And if you, like others, believe that there has to be a connection between the title and the post, then I am sorry for rebuffing that unsaid tradition here ;). That's what I call : Blogger's licence. !!
That's it - My conscious incompetence doesn't permit me anymore to continue this crappy, filthy and cockeyed post, and be a shame and disgrace to the whole of blogger's community which however is completely unaware of my presence and such acts of sacrilege , on one of their supposedly sacrosanct platforms. But I love doing that !!! :D



Kaps said...

and you just posted ur best post till now.
thanks CM.

Kabira said...

murphy strikes here on my end. noting left to write on blogs....

ashutosh gupta said...

loongoon ko hagane ke liye bhi,
murphy strike kar jaata hai

Nakul Mandan said...

whats ur ph. no.?

Anonymous said...

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