May 29, 2006

Fully Faltoo

What does MTV do to fill up its horde of void air-time? Perhaps the same thing I intend to do right now. Something completely 'Faltoo' or 'Futile' to say in english. Though these two words cannot be technically termed as homonyms, yet somehow both of them can qualify as a slangish translation of the other in their own native languages. That is to say, each is the originator of the other. Somehow we as hindi-tongue metamorphosed the word 'Futile' over a period of time, bounded by our immature penchant to include english words in our daily talks, in to what MTV proudly broadcasts as a full fledged package of so called fabricated 'inter-tainment'.

Or maybe, Brits as english-toungue during their era of Indian oppression, realized that they have been missing a word, whose meaning they would have never grasped by heart, only because of their belief that the sun never sets in the english empire and that they have never done anything, during the whole course of their civilization, which in essence qualified as pointless or fruitless. So they embezzled the word 'Faltoo', transposed the letters 'l' and 't', polished it with some english ascent and a whole new word - 'Futile'.

OK, whatever be the background of these words, the reason as I made clear in the beginning, is to spend time writing something 'Fully Faltoo', something without heads or tails, something which has no literary value, or which can be read mechanically like a verbose paragraph but makes no sense at all. And its indeed a tough task- to not make sense. Give a shot on writing something gibbrish, keeping the grammar intact with the proper use of words, and I bet you end up writing something useful for someone.

But is that the case always, and with everyone, becasueI seriously doubt what I opined above. Thanks, to a white paper which I am fighting to convert for the past two weeks, into a more meaningful,informative and purposive document. I think white papers, are more loyal towards their name, by being 'White', in a holistic sense, with not an iota of information to disperse to its readers. And in this fight I have been compelled to believe that 'lingerie' alone is not the only manifestation of brevity, but 'white papers' too are in the same league.

Anyhow, the goal seems to have been defeated here, because the post is not substantially 'Futile' in a satisfactory sense, or may be it is, who knows, except for the one who can make sense out of it. Besides, sleep is one thing , that can make a genius, think not with his head, but tail, and that's what am doing I guess. I'll better cull this down here and get some 'fruitful' sleep.


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