September 12, 2006

Taking out time for 'time out'

I always wondered how can anyone become so busy as to not be able to even update his/her blog, reply to emails, chat with his friends, make calls or perhaps even realize what the time is in his/her watch. I know, this somehow projects me as a slug or jobless person, but no I always did my work, always had something or the other to engage myself with, but strangely it never happened that deadlines constrained me so much as to live on the edge. I believed that taking a 'time out' was always so easy if you know how to manage your time, because I never explicitly had to do manage my time. Time was always there, for anything and everything. I was never so hard pressed that I could not squeeze in or make space for other activities.

But well, this was true uptill some time back, when I somehow managed to see that it is not only possible but very often that one needs to push in him or herself for so many things simultaneously. And now I have to curse myself especially after getting attuned to take a easy sail in the sea of time all this while, for not being to able to do all that stuff, such as update blog, chat with friends, make calls etc etc. Am not apt to multitasking, but I have made it a point that by the end of it, I learn how not to let things go out of the hand when there's just no end to the tasks pouring in.

'Time is at a premium', has always been the motto, and surely will continue to be, the only change however is this sudden surge in the amount of premium, my time is worth, and the speed of time itself from 1 second per second to surprisingly a few hundred milliseconds less per second for me, and to calculate which I seriously don't have a grain of time with me.

Time up :( long...........

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