August 6, 2007

Wordpress vs Blogger.

Having fiddled a lot with blogspot(domain , getting a taste of open source blog hosting and publishing platform Wordpress(WP) was a mix of sour and sweet for me.

As always the open source thingies are supposedly more intelligent, behave in a sane manner and embrace that air of 'this is no crap' around them when compared to their counterparts and WP is no exception to that fact. WP is not only a blog host but also a standalone platform which can be installed on any host for personal domains. I haven't switched to installing the platform s/w for my domain, but instead hosting my new tech blog on the free host itself.

WP stands as one of the most preferred blogging platform amongst migrating bloggers , because it provides the flexibility and extensibility to its users through plugins.
That is one of the advantages the user community enjoys by being the part of the developing community.

However, there are also some drawbacks of being an OS community project, because there's a plethora of information available from infinite sources and every TD&H like me would post something about the project that within minutes you find yourself drowned in that information deluge about "how to do.." questions. Second, for beginner's it is at times difficult to grasp what all, the technology has to offer and what is best suited for their purpose.

The lack of standardization leading to security vulnerabilities is another big problem as with any open source community project. Although, it seems the things are not as tangibly bad with WP but it took me some time to figure out that certain things unlike the blogger platform are not possible on the standard free host. Maybe there are ways to do them, which will have to be unearthed and that will take some more time.

Whatever it be I think I still need to dig in more into the trivialities of the platform and see if I can continue to use it on as-is-basis.

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