January 18, 2007

Ain't there better things to do ?

I think there aren't. At least for those who don't have anything to do in the first instance. I believe the priorities of Citizen 2006 have shuffled lately. From moral to ethical and now racial policing. How far would we like to go in our campaign to raise voices against each and every thing - big or small, significant or trifle, worthy or unworthy of a cause. Aren't we over-enthusiastic about the whole saga. Aren't we wasting our time and energy, when there are better and more important things to be done. Can we afford to live in the light of such hollow controversies and overshadow the plights and problems which need more attention?

I am not being versus here or undermining the intensity of this melodramatic despair of whosoever it was. Definitely, we ought to condemn whatever happened and especially take it on a serious note when it's related to a citizen of our nation , but come on this can't become a national issue in a country like India. I just don't give a damn if the whole issue is so much of worth in Britain to be raised in the House of Commons , but certainly I oppose anything of that sort happening in India. In a nation of over a billion population, can we yield to waste our precious time in talking and debating with vested interests over a matter which shouldn't even be there in the list of actions.

But see the irony we're more than happy and content in burning effigies of 'XYZ', putting up petitions, devouring prime time on national networks, going ga-ga over the whole issue which I feel is not at all a 'Issue' if looked from a different perspective. Three reasons for that -

First, Uncountable no. of such incidents happen all over the world in a minute here and a second there. And in a game cum reality show where one can least expect for such things to NOT happen, the whole issue has only enthralled everyone with more than its share of controversial pie. So are we going to tackle all such issues with the same intensity and hype just as we are fighting this one. Definitely not. Then why this one??

Second, Just because this whole thing involves a 'beautiful' celebrity with a large fan following, the issue has gathered so much of uncalled momentum and fanaticism. Why don't we bother to raise our voices when the same thing happens to almost every individual of Indian diaspora living in Europe and UK sometime or the other?? No, because we just don't find them worthy of our interest.

And lastly because whether this can-of-worms was intentionally or unintentionally opened by airing the scenes which perhaps could have been easily done away with , the motive is clear cut - toast a controversy and raise money. And undoubtedly the scheme has hit upon us, we are working to make money for them day-in and day-out, by discussing , talking , writing and doing what not to show that yes - We don't have anything better than this to do.

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