January 31, 2007

Cross-Domain Access using AJAX - I

In a fit to catch up with the growing interests in the Web2.0 and the much hyped and talked about - Ubiquitous AJAX, the novice developers have constantly been teased and beleaguered by the browser restrictions and security considerations. With applications such as Google Maps, Gmail, Google Document and many more still in its labs, Google the forerunner of the technology has undoubtedly bucked up javascript from its till now 'underdog' status to a completely new and prospective one. However still, the most interesting and useful aspect of the AJAX which is - Cross-domain access - remains a hot and overtly discussed concern on almost all AJAX forums. Though there are many workarounds in place to circumvent the browser restrictions [See Same Origin Policy ], what I discovered to my dismay was that, none of them actually proves helpful to the beginners and people who live with the 'Open-Source' ideology. Some one willing to experiment and trying to taste the splendid technological advantages of AJAX is simply left with no options at all. The workarounds just doesn't sound appealing to a wider audience.

The second part of this post [will publish in a day or two] would discuss this "AJAX - Cross-Domain Access" conundrum with a different perspective and detail a zero-cost solution for beginner's and novice developers. Till then...

~tech it along !


ashutosh gupta said...

Can you bit explain what is AJAX

Shishir said...

wiki dude !!!