January 16, 2007

G.U.R.U - the _________ ??

Now how many movies leave you in a contemplating mode, long after - 'The End' ?? Not many of course and certainly when it comes to the 'produce' of our own bollywood, most of them would only leave you flashed, deja vued, confused, mesmerized and maybe sometimes 'reimbursed' of the ticket amount.

However 'Guru', unsurprisingly belonged to that all together different class of cinema - 'Different' !!
Yes it was different, unique, separated and it wasn't worth its money, because somethings are just as priceless as that feeling of content you get with a glass of water after a spicy meal.
'Guru' could have been just another run-of-the-mill, but for many reasons you find that inspite of some uncalled for songs, technical flaws, and boring scenes, the movie came out perfect from a holistic viewpoint. A much needed (sm ppl would certainly beg to differ here) come back for the on-screen couple Aish-Abhi was all that was needed to ice the cake of their engagement ceremony.

Going all praise for 'guru' is not the agenda of the post if at all I'm sounding such, but the fact remains that after RDB perhaps the only movie which clicked me smwhere was this, which going by the ratio of movies I have watched after RDB would turn out to be 1/80. I believe being subjective about movies is just another birth right and when that right pushes you to raise you voice for a cause such as - 'Guru', you can only find a mass action following behind you.

I was amazed how democratically the same notion ringed everyone's mind while coming out of the theater that the title 'guru' could have aptly been suffixed with such quite evitable phrases like Guru - The Master, guru - the entrepreneur, guru - the visionary, guru - the confidence within...but then it would only have made it resounding and hackneyed and was definitely an intelligent move, unless the crew forgot to put one.

Go watch it for a break from the monotone of watching the likes of - KANK...et al !!

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