January 16, 2006

For some, Luck is also, a form of Art !

Sadly though, not for me. Not because am not an artist , not because my ancestry is completely devoid of any kind of appreciation for art and obviously not because I am technically an engineer , but because am confused. Am confused between the two schools of thought , rather two completely contrasting philosophies if I may call them so. One which says , Luck is what comes along with you i.e. its destiny which rules your life - in short - Everything in life is luck.
And the second which says that, one can make his or her own destiny through sheer hard work. Luck , fortune , destiny , fate are all coward's recourse and the only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work.

Thus , it boils down essentially to a battle of argument between 'hard work' and 'luck', on - what supersedes what. And I have grown up swinging like a pendulum between these two definitions , a second here and a second there. Am confused because I have seen both of these theories in action , in equal proportions , in lives of others and my own , in a mutually exclusive sense with one trying to prove its own self and disprove the other. This is so baffling, so perplexing and so contentious. And every time you fail , both of these philosophies/theories whatever you want to call them , seem to be so meaningless , so superficial and of cosmetic significance that one just feels like giving up any residual faith in either of the two.

I am not advocating either of these two philosophies , because I am in between both of them, trying to figure out what works when ? Which of the two should be relied upon when setting out on a new endeavour ?Its not a million or a billion dollar question, instead a secret which only few know, those few who are the successful, invincible, complete and consistent conscientious achievers , just because they know when to rely on what.They know exactly and correctly , when the the name of the game is 'luck' and when 'hard work' - and that's the key !!

Though in our usual day to day lives, we tend to attribute luck as an excuse for our failures and hard work for our achievements, to eschew our confrontation with the other side which we ignore out of our propensity , I think we need to recognize a more integrated approach towards such conclusions. Like Thomas Jefferson reconciled quite concisely in this quote of his - " I'm a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it."

I dont think the question here is of believing or not believing in luck or hard work, because most of us anyhow do believe in both of them , but rather of how can these two things- one so tangible and physical in nature, while the other coming straight out from a metaphysical world , can be harmonized together and expected to work. Unfortunately , even I don't have a very sound or convincing answer to this.

Here's a future link to what might be a probable and fair explanation of the word 'luck' , based on some of my untenable hypothesis , which I hope to conceptualize some fine day. Till then keep clicking !! :D

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