January 5, 2006


"Everything happens for our own good" ,goes a very popular adage, gives relief from the life's dissappointments , encourages to maintain a belief in life's process and obviously a very good excuse when things aren't just going on the right path.
Quite conspicous from this start , that for me things have been a bit rough lately , which calls for a bit of contemplation on this popular saying. There are two facets to this adage : one that the inevitable happenings and event of our life can be broadly classified as either good or bad and second that these events are preceded and succeded by other inevitables of their like.

Now this classification of good or bad is in most cases based on the result of the events or happenings. We tend to qualitatively and quantitatively judge everything based on the outcomes. Something is good if it results in or leads to something other that is good, and vice-versa, which in my opinion is not the correct way to judge things , because results of a particular event are not necessarily the product of that specific event , rather a complete holistic outcome of innumerable other events. Its like a very fine and delicate blend of all the events combined, which finally leads upto that final outcome and which we generally tend to associate only with the most pertinent causes. Its not about what actually led to what, its about what ALL resulted in what.

The importance of what preceedes and succeedes an event in the light of the results is definitely not to be overlooked. The immediate consequences may not be the ones we are looking for or in the form we expect them to be. A propensity to look beyond the horizon is needed , which brings in the significance of the succeeding events. Preceeding events as I already defended are the necessary ingredients which contribute in the final coming of the results.

Coming back to the interpretation of "everything happens for our own good" , I find a bit of implicit contradiction in it. If at all everything happens for good, why is it then, that not everyone is happy and content with whatever is happening in their lives. Or is it the case that the word 'good' essentially represents something more deep and subtle which we in our normal understandings , tend to keep ourselves away from , intentionally or non-intentionally.

But seriously all analysis apart, how wonderful and beautiful it would be if all things happened really for our own good only !! can't help it to be like that though -:(

so long .......

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