January 9, 2006


From the show on channel V , where in the host by the name Lola Kutti asked, to seemingly educated peoples, some basic fundamental questions on general knowledge picked up from various subjects of school level physics, geography, general sciences etc, and the answers to which were quite intriguing and defintely not even close to being correct . As some of these I quote below:-
Its a series of questions and their corresponding replies given by different people.

Q: What is an orbit?
1st A: Well... ummm...orbit you see is actually a place where all the generations of planets are kept in ascending order.

My my , how can anyone make up such a hilarious yet technically ingrained reply , that too impromptu !!!

2nd A: Yes, orbit is the .......... I mean its like.......aaaa.....you know what I mean !!

Indeed we already know.....After the reply the guy was so relaxed as if he just saved the whole planet by telling where to get the answer from .

3rd A: Orbit is.... I guess it belong to the species of rabbits , maybe the kingdom ....am I right ??

Seemed that this guy was too overwhelmed with his biology classes .

Another question.

Q: What is the Newton's First Law?
1st A: Huh , Law .... I am into engineering , besides I hate lawyers !!

Will someone go and tell him , he deserved to study neither law nor engineering.

2nd A: Newton's ....but I read somewhere it was Ambedkar who made all those laws.

With such a reply I just can't afford to doubt that people in India dont read newspapers and magazines.

3rd A: Pat came this reply : F = ma

Overconfidence is not a good thing !!! Incomplete knowledge leads you no where.

Yet another question:

Q: What is the full form of UNO?
1st A: I dont know !!

This guy loved rhyming things.

2nd A: United Nations......'O' is basically silent !!!

True to some point, it doesn't give a feel of an Organization anymore.

3rd A: UNidentified Objects , I even saw a program on it on Discovery channel !!

Yes my friend even I saw it, with the only difference that it was UFO and not UNO.

This last question was the most entertaining one.

Q: Who invented Telephone?
1stA: Was it BSNL or VSNL.

Sorry, in India we dont invent , and govt undertakings, they havent even heard the world 'Invention'.

2nd A: Nooo...telephone was discovered.

God, atleast there is someone who can discern the meaning of two words - invent and discover - and argue their usage.

3rd A: Mr. Tele Phone. ( with an expression of wonder !!)

=)) ....