January 4, 2006


I dont know why but people tend to take any new activity started by others during the first few weeks of a new year as the resolutions taken by them. To clear off that, I would like to declare this as not a part of any of my new year resolutions, because I escaped taking one this time. Actually am still procrastinating with the ones of last year's .
Starting a blog is no more than a child's play these days, advertised as the 3 step process , its becoming more of a time killing endeavour for anyone. I wish that they make the whole process more cumbersome and uneasy to prevent people like me who dont even remember how many times they have repeated those 3 steps and consumed those prospective blog names which would have been otherwise well used if not there were ppl like us.
I guess I havn't left any of the available free blog services where I have not created my profile, (be it msn spaces , yahoo 360 , rediffblogs or those which I dont even remember right now) wrote an enthusiastic first blog like this one, and then abandoned it only to be savaged by its own past and forgotten like never to be remembered.
But I believe this ones going to go along with me, and there are reasons for this belief.
For first, during the last 4-5 months, I have found myself feeling a definite passion for the blogs, which certainly was missing during my previous encounters with them. I have read more diverse blogs ,rather than being confined to those of my friend's, and understood their effects on their readers, their power to stimulate thoughts , their holistic nature and above all I have realized that writing one is not as demanding as it seemed to me at the first instance.
I have also pulled in the fact that its one of the easiest and fun filled process to actualize the delusions of personal fancy.

Even though I know there are no readers of this blog as of now, because no one knows abt it except for me , still will keep this one short and avoid overdoing it , so as to keep the craving for coming back to it again alive.

Will try to scratch off my posts on those lost, unhatched and abandoned blogs in case I remember their passwords and bring them here for some fresh air.